The department of Science and Humanities was launched in the year 2009 as an underpinning department. The Department encompasses of five major disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Physical Education. Faculty members of this department have opulent varied experiences in teaching as well as in research. The pivotal focus is to provide pedestal in basic sciences that acts as a foundation for engineering subjects. All the first year students are administrated with parental care through mentorship. The results of I year B.E students are way ahead since from the inception of the college. In addition to the regular teaching, the Department is quite active in conducting Workshops, Seminars and Faculty Development Programs to create awareness and vigor in students as well as teachers. Apart from teaching, the department takes a prominent role to imbibe leadership qualities, personality development, soft skills etc. through various clubs.


  • To achieve excellence in teaching, training and research in the areas of humanities and  sciences.
  • Strives to create an atmosphere of learning to enable the students to develop sound cognitive and problem solving skills.


  • Delivering a transformative education is the core mission of the Department of Sciences and Humanities.
  • To encourage the students to know the practical applications of concepts through experience and participation.
  • To provide holistic development in the areas of knowledge, skills and attitude by extending personal care, and professional teaching in order to raise ethically strong and  academically excellent graduates.