Courses Offered

"Only a dismal percentage of the thousands of students who graduate from engineering programmes every year are actually employable." – Mr. Subir Raha, President, All India Management Association Engineering programmes from KPR promise to stand out from the numerous colleges of engineering that have been incepted in the region because of the depth of practical insight they will offer.

Industry interaction will be vital to the learning process, because it gives students a hand on grasp into what the real world demands. KPR will also lay adequate focus on grooming the professional skills of its student pool. This naturally enhances the employability of students and enables them to instantly adapt to the demands of the working world. KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology currently offers 5 programmes at the undergraduate level and 4 programmes at the postgraduate level.


BE Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering forms the very basis of this branch of study and at KPR, students benefit from the best of infrastructure facilities and faculty.

The programme imparts training on the different aspects of mechanical functioning, maintenance and running of mechanical systems.

The course opens opportunities in virtually every field of manufacturing: from the automotive industry to textiles.

BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The applications of electrical and electronic engineering permeate to almost every sphere of daily life.

The critical components of this branch of engineering at KPR will train students on a variety of technical nuances including the functioning and applications of the areas.




BE Electronics and Communication Engineering

With the advancement in telecommunications and networking, this course has become one of the most sought after programmes at the college.

Students opting for this course are trained on new age processes including VLSi, VHDi and embedded technologies.




BE Civil Engineering

The always-in-demand course, Civil Engineering continues to be much sought-after by students aspiring to take their career to greater heights.

With the construction and real estate industry witnessing mammoth developments like never before, the course offers ample scope and opportunities for students to build a strong future.


BE Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering is one of the ever growing engineering field.The need for IT professionals is also increasing year by year.

The students of CSE are expected to meet the global standards in all aspects by the IT industry





CAD/CAM is an accute dicipline of mechanical engineering specalization which means the use of computer technology to aid the design,analysis and manufacturing of products.

It is a context of a software tool that covers number of engineering functions.It involves the use of computer controlled machines (CNC) to obtain the finished products.




M.E. VLSI Design

The developments in electronics and related branches in the last few decades have been almost totally in the area of VLSI. To improve the infrastructure for VLSI domain have multiplied in the recent past necessitating thrust on grooming industry ready professionals.

We offers full time Post Graduate program with state of the art tools like Tanner pro, Xilinx, Midelsin, MATLAB and well equipped Laboratory facility. The main objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive and state of the art knowledge in the area of VLSI Design.





This course is a broad discipline that incorporates the fields of computer science and network engineering. Computer engineering emphasizes the theory, design, and development of computers and computer-related technology including both hardware and software.Networking is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of theory and practices in networking and communications.

The course is of four semester duration following the syllabus prescribed by Anna University to which the college is affiliated with an intake of 18 students.



M.E. Structral Engineering

The post graduate programme in Structural Engineering is aimed at moulding structural engineers who can do safe and economical design of civil and other structures.The programme emphasizes on developing strong learning skills and imparting knowledge in key subject areas relevant to structural engineering.

Students carry out experimental testing in well-equipped laboratories and software development projects in computer center having variety of structural engineering softwares for their projects and dissertation work. This M.E. Program is administered by the Department of Civil Engineering.