The institute is established in a sprawling 11.44 acres of land in Kollupalayam village of Arasur Panchayat, Palladam Taluk, Coimbatore District in the state of Tamilnadu. The charities own more lands adjacent to this site and hence allotting land in due course, if necessary,

will not be a problem. Located about a kilometer away from the National Highway 47, the site is easily accessible. In addition, it is 10 kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of Coimbatore city life. Both these factors ensure that an environment devoid of noise pollution is created for the student community. Furthermore, the site is surrounded by coconut groves adding greenery and serenity to an already solemn campus. The approach road is dotted by well established manufacturing and textile units, including the promoter group’s units. The students do not need to travel far to gain apprenticeship experience.


The campus will be modular in nature. The first building on entry would be an attractive one, which will house the Admin office, Principal and Secretary’s office. There will be an auditorium in this building. The first and Second floor will be dedicated to Library. Just opposite to the Admin building at the other extreme end would be a non-formal building housing students’ center, NCC/NSS room, cooperative stores, reading room etc.

The first block on the right side will be ECE, the EEE and Mechanical engineering blocks, followed by classroom block. Then comes the computer science block. There will be a mini conference hall to accommodate 300 members in that block. At the end is the Lab and workshop block which will have Physics, Chemistry laboratories and all Mechanical, Electrical, Civil workshops and labs. On the left side we will have Civil and Textile department and Nanotechnology departments in the future.


The campus has 4 blocks to start with. They are classroom block, ECE block, EEE block and Workshop & Lab block. The total built up area in this phase is close to 16,000 sq m. In the second phase, Computer block and hostel blocks would be taken up for construction. In the third phase, Workshop & Lab block expansion and civil engineering blocks would be done. And in the fourth phase, construction of administrative block and Nano technology block would be taken up. Subsequently an indoor stadium open-air theatre and students’ convention centre will be built.

The following facilities will be developed in a phased manner.

  • Indoor sports complex
  • Outdoor stadium
  • Students convention centre
  • Canteen
  • Various play fields / flood lit grounds
  • Yoga/meditation halls
  • Reading room
  • Cooperative stores


A well rounded education comprises not only the best of academic performance but also grooms students from other perspectives. In order to ensure that students benefit from learning at a world class institution, KPR has put into place a host of facilities.

Learning centre

The institute has a central library equipped with all the necessary textbooks and reference books prescribed by the AICTE and Anna University. The centre is also equipped with computers, laser printers and heavy duty photocopiers to ensure students have the benefit of using the material for their research study.


The College has full-fledged accommodation and boarding facilities for boys and girls. A dedicated canteen will offer a nutritionally balanced diet for the students and all activities will be overseen by qualified wardens.


  • Cheran
  • Cholan
  • Pandian
  • Pallavan
  • Bharathi


  • Ganga
  • Yamuna
  • Kaveri

Other facilities

The college will encourage students to pursue a variety of co curricular activities and institutes various societies to oversee each. These include sports, cultural and intellectual groups and will comprise representatives from both students and faculty.



Mr.V.Thambidurai MPED, M.Phil, PGDY – Physical Director

Mr.R.Stalin B.Sc,MPED,PGDY, – Physical Director

Department Profile:

The Department of Physical Education aims at the overall development of the students through its various sports programmes and inculcates in them discipline, team spirit, teamwork, co-operation, sportsmanship and tolerance. A standard 400 meter track enables various training, physical work outs and helps to develop their physical fitness. A number of recreational and sports programmes are available for the students to refresh and relax. Fitness centre with advanced fitness equipments facilitate the students to stay physically fit and face any physical challenges.

The Department of Physical Education provides ample opportunities to the students to take part in sports and games through intramural and extramural sports competitions. Students are encouraged to participate in many tournaments like Anna university and Open tournaments further the inter department tournaments gives opportunity to the students to exhibit the talents in their respective specialization.

The sports facilities as follows:


  • 400mts Standard track with curb
  • Football Field
  • 4 Volleyball courts with fencing
  • Concrete Basketball court
  • 2 Handball courts with fencing
  • 2 Throw ball Courts with fencing
  • 3 Ball badminton Courts with fencing
  • Tennikoit
  • 2 Kho-Kho courts
  • 2 Kabaddi courts
  • Cricket field
  • Cricket net Platform


  • Fitness Centre for men & Women separately
  • 4 Table Tennis Boards
  • Chess
  • Carrom


Yoga classes are organized for the Students to make them mentally fit. Students are encouraged and facilitated to practice yoga further experts are invited to take class in yoga.


Sports Quota is available for the meritorious sports persons

  • Special coaching has been given to sports students during competition period
  • Transport facilities has been provided after evening practice
  • Outstanding sports performers are honored during the sports day celebrations.


  1. Our college organized Anna University Table tennis tournament for Men on 2011&2012.
  2. Our college organized Anna University Kabaddi tournament for Men on 2011.
  3. Our college have organized Anna University Kho-Kho tournament for Men held on 2012-13
  4. Our college organized 3Rd CENTIES Championship for Engineering student on 04-06.02.2012, around 35 Engineering Colleges & 1750 Students participated in this. Tournament was inaugurated by Indian Volleyball team Captain Mr.M.Ukkara pandiyan & Guest of valedictory function Mr.N.Sasikumar IInd Commandant RAF, Cbe.
  5. Our college organized Anna University Kho-Kho tournament for Men on 2013.
  6. Our college organized 4th CENTIES Championship for Engineering student held on 12-14.02.2013, around 35 Engineering Colleges participated in this.
  7. Our college organized KPR Volleyball Championship for school students on 18th & 19th July 2014, around 48 schools participated in this.
  8. Our college organized Anna University Chess tournament for men & Women on 21st & 22nd August 2014, around 19 colleges participated in this.
  9. Our college organized Anna University Volleyball tournament   for Men on 4th & 5th of September 2014.
  10. Our college organized Anna University Athletic Championship for men & Women held on  11th & 12th October 2014
  11. Our college organized “KPR Mini Marathon 2014” on 7th & 6th December 2015, more than 5000 students participated from various colleges & schools around Tamilnadu.
  12. Our college organized   “1st KPR Trophy “on 16th & 17th February 2015 around 60 teams participated from various Engineering Colleges.
  13. Our college organized Sports _ Q held on 18th & 19th April 2015 around 9 games and approximately 500 students participated from various schools.


Bus Parking Details

BUS Reg No Seating D.Name D.Mobile Parking Area
1 TN 37 BK 6979 69+1 Kalidass 9788116601 Goundampalayam
2 TN 37 BE 2535 58+1 Nagaraj 9943394071 Tirupur Office
3 TN 37 BK 6899 69+1 Arul 9688816972 SRT Office
4 TN 37 BK 6889 69+1 Ramesh 9965525316 Tirupur Office
5 TN 37 BE 2526 58+1 Pethanasamy 9626557265 College
6 TN 37 BY 8123 60+1 Ramkumar 8489836362 Tirupur Office
7 TN 37 BY 8136 60+1 Rajesh 8124407119 sundarapuram
8 TN 37 BK 6989 69+1 Mahimaidass 9791222633 sundarapuram
9 TN 38 AF 8757 61+1 Gnanasekar 8526861790 Tirupur Office
10 TN 37 BY 8140 60+1 Shankaravel 9489915725 SRT Office
11 TN 37 BY 8192 60+1 Chandra Kumar 9488240423 Tirupur Office
12 TN 37 BY 8259 60+1 Chelladurai 9698649696 College
13 TN 37 BD 6575 40+1 Velavar 8940272201 College
14 TN 37 CZ 1137 60+1 Jayapandian 9585188274 Tirupur Office
15 TN 37 CZ 1119 60+1 Vellaisamy 9788165320 Tirupur Office
16 TN 37 CZ 1440 60+1 Sathasivam 8870844075 Saravanampatti
17 TN 37 CX 1184 60+1 Anbuchezian 9941769844 SIPCOT
Cosmo TN 66 L 9061 16+1 Balamurugan 9843018340 College
Duster TN 37 CY 0415 4+1 College
Ertiga TN 66 H 6535 6+1 Mohana Sundaram 8883239108 College
T.Ace TN 37 AX 9945 MESS College
T.Magic TN 66 9523 7+1 Bakthavatchalam 8883540632 College
Omni TN 37 CX 4030 7+1 College