Although India’s technical education regulator “AICTE” is regulating technical education to stem quality in teaching and learning, the quality of teaching-learning process have to be further enriched to a superior level to well address the quality issues in India’s technical education. In this perspective, “KPR Staff Training Academy (KPRSTA)”, a non-profit organization has been initiated by KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology to train and shape the faculty fraternity by providing outstanding human resources to technical teachers to excel in their career, improve the quality of technical education to global standards and eventually to increase the graduate employability rate.


The objectives of KPRSTA are

  • To act as a centre for offering quality training programmes for technical teachers periodically and as per needs.
  • To collaborate with industries and R&D organizations to provide real-time training.
  • To offer training courses that suits overseas demand.
  • To develop and disseminate course learning materials for all training programmes.
  • To provide exclusive training to Management representatives, Principals, Professors and senior Professors.
  • To provide orientation training to fresher (Faculty members having less than 5 yrs of experience.
  • To provide skill and practical oriented training to technical assistants.



Core Values