Flying Club


Mr.B.K.Saravanan, AP/Mech

Dr.V.Seethalakshmi, AsP/ECE


Mr. Padrinath S G (IV Mech B)

Mr. Aswath S (IV ECE A)

To design and develop the most innovative, flexible, and cost effective flying vehicles (drones) which are to be used in defense, disaster management, healthcare, agriculture etc.

The Mission of the club is to promote safe and enjoyable flying related activities, and to provide the opportunity for the students to design and develop their own drones and to fly them economically and conveniently.

To Participate in International Level Drone X Challenge conducted by Krypto Labs, Abu Dhabi, UAE during December 2020.

To Participate SAND (Safeguard with Autonomous Navigation Demonstration) Competition conducted by NASA, USA during August 2021.

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