HAM Club, KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India

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Faculty Coordinator

Mr. K. Saravanan AP (Sr. G) / EC

Student Coordinators

Mr. Ajay Kumar (IV ME)
Ms. Pooja (IV EC)


According to the rules of the Indian Wireless Telegraphs, HAM radio refers to "A service of self training, inter-communication & technical investigations carried on by amateurs, that is, by persons duly authorized under these rules interested in radio techniques solely with a personal aim without pecuniary interest"

Amateur radio (HAM) is a group of people who use radio transmitters and receivers to communicate with one another. Amateur radio operators use their radios in a variety of ways that are as varied as the people themselves. Amateur radio operators are commonly referred to as "HAM radio operators" or simply "HAMs"

Amateur radio (HAM) is both a hobby and a service. Over 30 lakh people worldwide participate in this hobby in their spare time; in India, there are approximately 15000 amateur radio operators

Amateur radio operators must pass an examination administered by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Government of India in order to operate or own a radio station


To prepare self-oriented volunteers for Emergency Communications and Disaster Management through amateur radio service


  • To encourage amateur radio activities internally and externally.
  • To empower amateur radio communication, disaster management, and career guidance.
  • To support the volunteers to obtain Amateur Station Operator's Certification

Short Term Goals

  • To provide awareness about HAM radio
  • To provide hands on training to the members

Long Term Goals

To provide HAM license for all members in our club


  • To disseminate the knowledge of Electronics and Radio Communication
  • To render service to the nation by providing essential communication during National emergency/ crisis
  • To assist in obtaining Amateur Station Operator's Certification
  • To provide a platform for analyzing the amateur activities across the radio spectrum


  • To self-learn and inter communicate the technical updates in radio communication
  • To share experience and knowledge of radio equipment and its operation
  • To build a friendly helpful atmosphere and facilitate during calamities

Sl. No. Name Design. Dept. and Year
1 Nithia Shree A C Immediate Past President I M.E. VLSI
2 Ajaykumar M President IV MECH A
3 Pooja S Secretary IV ECE B
4 Hithesh N Vice President II AD
5 Sunsheta K V Joint Secretary III ECE C
6 Tharani S Treasurer III ECE C
7 Bharath Kumaran R Executive Member IV ECE C
8 Abishek Manu V Executive Member IV MECH A
9 Sindhuja L P Executive Member III ECE C
10 Monika B Executive Member III ECE B
11 Sethumadhavan A Executive Member II EEE B
12 Suwetha S Executive Member II EEE B
Name Designation Year and Department
Nithia Shree A C President IV ECE B
Ajaykumar M Secretary III MECH A
Sugan G G Vice President III ECE C
Mothilal K Joint Secretary II ECE B
Aravin P Executive Member IV ECE A
Priya Dharshani A Executive Member IV ECE B
Dnarmarajan M S Executive Member III MECH A
Pooja S Executive Member III ECE B
Logeshkumar S Executive Member II MECH B
Sanjeev M S Executive Member II MECH B
Sl. No. Event Date Name of the Event Details
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2 Jan 30 - Feb 05, 2022 HAM N Your Feature Read more
3 Oct 28 - Nov 03, 2021 Christmas Soutez Read more
4 June 19, 2022 Lock and Key Read more
5 Oct 28 - Nov 03, 2021 QUIZZER TORMENTER Read more
6 Sep 06, 2021 LOGO DESIGN CONTEST Read more
7 Aug 14, 2021 HAM PRACTICE Read more
8 July 11 - 17, 2021 CONNECT WITH HAM Read more
9 March 13, 2021 INSIGHTS OF HAM RADIO Read more
10 Feb 21, 2021 AMATEUR RADIO SERVICES Read more
11 Jan 30, 2021 HAM RADIO FOR PRESENT SCENARIO Read more
12 Oct 17, 2020 HAM RADIO AND INTERNET RADIO Read more
14 Aug 28, 2020 HAM AWARENESS Read more

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