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MAAC Orientation Program on, 'Development of Animation as a Tool for Learning Chemical Engineering Principles'

Department of Chemical Engineering and Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics jointly organized an orientation program on “Development of Animation as a Tool for Learning Chemical Engineering Principles”. 150 students have attended the program held at veena hall. Mr. K S Dandapani Centre Head, MAAC Arasur, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology (KPRIET), Coimbatore, presented his talk and inspired the students on the use of animation as a powerful tool in Chemical Engineering. Senior professors and faculty members have attended the program. At the end of the session, Mr. K S Dandapani interacted with the students and faculty members, and cleared their doubts in animation and how the animation as a tool helps us in learning chemical engineering principles. It was very useful and interacting session for students and faculty members.

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