Academic Facilities



We have 105 work stations in the computer center in the institution .The computers are all of latest configuration with DELL make and all are connected to the LAN. The LAN is connected with servers. The computer center is connected by a centrally located UPS. The number of computers will go up by another 120 by   April 2010. We are able to maintain the computer to student ratio better than 1:4 including the additional intake of students in the academic year 2010 - 2011.

The computerized library is so spacious for the benefit of the large number of students. The built-up area of the library is 420 sq.m. It has a large number of text and reference books in different disciplines. There are 8338 volumes 2428 titles. The total cost towards the purchase of books has crossed a sum of Rs.20 Lakhs. Periodicals and magazines are subscribed. We had procured Computers, Laser Printers and a Heavy duty Photocopier. A separate dedicated Internet connection for the Library and Library management software is installed.

For the Existing courses and proposed Additional Courses/Additional division, we have already purchased the books and Journals.  The details are given below

S.No Course(s) Number of titles of the books Number of volumes Journals
National International
1 CIVIL 499 1535 18 6
2 CSE 603 1810 16 6
3 ECE 771 2017 13 7
4 EEE 534 1569 13 6
5 MECH* 538 1573 20 7
6 Science & Humanities 770 1532 41 -

* For additional Divisions books are included

A Workshop with a plinth area of 990 sq.m. is functioning with various sections like Fitting, Carpentry, Plumbing, Sheet Metal section, Arc welding, Gas welding, Smithy and foundry. It has the capacity for more than 240 students to do their jobs at a time. For the additional courses/divisions carpet area of 245 Sq.m was constructed.

In due course, the management proposes to create a central instrumentation facility for the benefit of the student community.

Auditorium / Seminar Halls