S.No. Name of the Faculty and student Type of Patent (National/ International) Title of the Patent Patent Ref.No./File No. Date of Patent Applied/Granted Patenting Organization Current Status
1. Mr. Balaji. D National Composite material printing using Additive Manufacturing 201741027117 31.07.2017 KPR FER – Issued
2. Mr. Balaji. D National Combined Flexible printing head and variable nozzle drone assisted Additive Manufacturing 201741027118 31.07.2017 KPR Examination awaited
3. Mr. Balaji. D National Flexible printing head drone assisted Additive Manufacturing 201741027119 31.07.2017 KPR Examination awaited
4. Mr. Balaji. D National Variable nozzle drone assisted Additive Manufacturing 201741027120 31.07.2017 KPR Application Abandoned
5. Mr. Balaji. D National Two Wheeler safety device for the occupants while skiding 201741027121 31.07.2017 KPR FER – Issued
6. Mr. Balaji. D National Height varying spring attached kite to generate power 201741027122 31.07.2017 KPR Application Abandoned
7. Mr. Balaji. D National Kite with automatic dam for power generation 201741027123 31.07.2017 KPR Application Abandoned
8. Mr. Balaji. D National Base plate height varying 3D printer 201741027124 31.07.2017 KPR FER – Issued
9. Mr. Balaji. D National Versatile imprint head for high temperature applications 201741043729 06.12.2017 KPR FER – Issued
10. Mr. Balaji. D National Versatile imprint head for low temperature applications 201741043720 06.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
11. Dr. A. K. Priya National Trendy vircine waste treatment and recovery 201741043727 06.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
12. Mr. P. Sureshkumar National Clutch controlled automatic gear transmission for automobiles 201741043718 06.12.2017 KPR FER – Issued
13. Mr. Balaji. D National Nobon for prevention of toxins 201741047168 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
14. Mr. Balaji. D National Resource reduction and effective utilization for future using mator 201741047169 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
15. Mr. Balaji. D National 3d printer for the mould making using foundry sand 201741047170 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
16. Mr. Balaji. D National Inbuilt tyre replacement support for automobiles 201741047171 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
17. Mr. Balaji. D National Solar assisted additive manufacturing 201741047172 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
18. Mr. Balaji. D National Scrubber gloves with inbuilt liquid soap 201741047173 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
19. Mr. Balaji. D National Enhanced window for effective protection from wind 201741047175 29.12.2017 KPR FER – Issued
20. Mr. Balaji. D National Knee cap, hip belt and hand glove as a safe guard device 201741047176 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
21. Mr. Balaji. D National Multi-directional blade extension and retraction for fan blades 201741047177 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
22. Dr. A. K. Priya National Life sustenance management through adoption of Elziner 201741047179 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
23. Mrs.D. Sudarvizhi National Posture based analysis with pedobarography 201741047182 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
24. Dr. Balaji. V National Efficient usage of unused spectrum for improving rural education scenario 201741047166 29.12.2017 KPR Examination awaited
25. Mr.Manikandan National Electric stone based hand grinder 201741047178 29.12.2017 KPR FER – Issued
26. Mr. Balaji. D National Double straddle elevated vehicle to avoid conjestion with STOL features 201841047126 13.12.2018 KPR Examination awaited
27. Mr. Balaji. D National Power harvesting through drone and solar panel 201941005784 14.02.19 KPR Examination awaited
28. Mr. Shoban kumar.s National Accident preventive automatic side stand retrieve system 201941005777 14.02.19 KPR Examination awaited
29. Mr. Balaji. D National Cleaning brush with liquid cleaner 201941010796 20.03.19 KPR Examination awaited
30. Mr. Balaji. D National Natural binder enhanced welding rods and fillers 201941010797 20.03.19 KPR FER – Issued
31. Mr. R.Nishanth National Driver safety device could assist in effective parking 201941010793 20.03.19 KPR FER – Issued
32. Mr. Balaji. D National See-saw pneumatic piezo and solar energy generation mechanism 201941013388 03.04.19 KPR Examination awaited
33. Mr.Jaya kumar.T.S National Online dress kadai 201941012339 29.03.19 KPR Examination awaited
34. Mr. Sasidharan.S National Enhanced battery feature with piezo and reverse piezo to drive the vehicle 201941012328 29.03.19 KPR Examination awaited
35. Dr. M.G.Sumithra National Smart stick 201941016422 25.04.19 KPR Examination awaited
36. Mr. Balaji. D National Door safety device 201941017668 03.05.19 KPR Examination awaited
37. Mr. R.Vivekanandan National Ergonomic western closet support with health benefits 201941030670 30.07.19 KPR Examination awaited
38. Ms. K.Vidhya National Smart amphiglass for amblyopia 201941030667 30.07.19 KPR Examination awaited
39. Dr.A.K.Priya National E-waste synthesisation and additive for versatile product development 201941038834 26.09.19 KPR Examination awaited
40. Mr. M. Manikandan National Leg-navigated vehicle for physically challenged people 201941038835 26.09.19 KPR Examination awaited
41. Ms. V.S. Chandrika National Environment friendly solar powered robotic vehicle using wireless technology 201941052770 19.12.19 KPR Examination awaited
42. Dr.S.VAIRAM National Elaeocarpus tectorius derived phosphorus-doped carbon material as an electrode for asymmetric supercapacitor 201941044047 31.10.19 KPR Examination awaited
43. Dr. A. Karthick
Dr.r. Dharmaraj
National Hybrid solar cooking system with solar thermal and photovoltaics to generate electrical energy for h 201941047107 19.11.19 KPR Examination awaited
44. Mr. Makeshkumar National Virtual reality based wireless rescue robot and a method to rescue child fallen into deep well 201941049461 02.12.19 KPR Examination awaited
45. Dr. N.Yuvaraj National System to facilitate visually impaired person to identify person present in surrounding 201941050087 05.12.19 KPR Examination awaited
46. Dr.B.Jaishankar National System and method to preserve lifetime personal healthcare bigdata 201941053817 24.12.19 KPR Examination awaited
47. Dr.B.Jaishankar National IOT based personalized healthcare system and method thereof 201941053821 25.12.19 KPR Examination awaited
48. Mr. Balaji. D National Insitu-analysis of each layer of 3d printing 202041000087 02.01.2020 KPR Examination awaited
49. Dr. Muralidharan. J National Method for automatic health prediction using machine learning 202041002719 21.01.2020 KPR Examination awaited
50. Dr. A. Ramesh National LM13 Aluminium alloy – Steel fiber reinforced composites for automobile pistons 202041005537 07.02.2020 KPR Examination awaited
51. Mr. T. Rajasekar National Enhanced Automatic detection and warning system for wild animal movements 202041004755 14.02.2020 KPR Examination awaited
52. Dr. S. Kanmani National Method for grey water management in apartment thereof 202041007853 25.02.2020 KPR Examination awaited
53. Mr. Balaji. D National Apparatus and method for cooling electronic equipments using dual coolant technology 202041010009 09.03.20 KPR Yet to publish

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