Academic session update for Students | Mar 2021

Pursuant to TN GO Dt 22/3/2021 regarding conduct of online classes by HEIs, the following shall be followed by KPRIET in compliance with the same:

1. Online Theory End Semester Examinations for First UG programmes commences from today(23.03.2021) and will be as per the schedule. Further Online classes for second semester students shall commence from April 7, 2021.

2. All face to face on-campus academic activities for students in Second and Third year UG  programmes will resume online completely and the schedule for theory classes will be published shortly. However as per the Govt. Guidelines Online Practical End Semester Examinations will resume from March 29, 2021. Hence all Second and Third year students to clear all the pending dues if any through online payment before the commencement of Practical ESE as per the norms of the Institute.

3. Third years are attending career development training program which started from yesterday. If your internet connectivity is poor at your place you can plan your stay in hostel till March 28, 2021. Due Standard Operating Procedures to be followed by hostel students in the campus till you leave the campus.

4. Final year project reviews and ESE examinations will be as per the schedule published previously.

5. Any clarifications regarding CIAT and ESE schedule please visit our website.

6. Since this is an unprecedented situation all hostel inmates are requested to vacate the hostel for the safety of your belongings. Management will not be responsible for the loss of any items. You shall take time till March 28, 2021 for the same.

7. Students staying in hostel can plan to leave the hostel from March 23, 2021 till March 28, 2021 and are advised to go to their respective homes following all COVID safety protocols. Pls do not panic and kindly visit KPR Medical Centre which will provide all advice & support regarding your safe returns.

However if you wish to stay in hostel for poor internet connectivity at your homes, you are from long distance, other states or abroad you can plan your stay after discussing with your parents and HoD. Parents consent letter is required for the same.



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