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The Unity of arts is an enabler of all the initiatives. The Team is a manifestation of 19 clubs to bring out the real potential of our students and to enrich their skills. During the Covid-19 pandemic situation, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology inaugurated the grand Sangamam for conducting online webinars and various types of cultural and educational events for school and college students. E-certificates are provided for both the internal and external participants as a token of appreciation


To identify and nourish the talents of diverse nature, provide a conducive environment for showcasing potentials and to enhance the creative ability of the young minds for professional and personal growth.


  • To build teamwork, nurture artistic caliber, foster organizing skills and develop leadership qualities
  • To facilitate an ideal climate for exhibiting excellence in academics

Short Term Goals

  • To showcase the talents of the students and bring out the best in them
  • To make each and every student active in all cultural activities to develop confidence

Long Term Goals

  • To groom the personality of young minds in fulfilling societal aspirations
  • To create cultural and social awareness on and off campus and extend community relationships locally and globally




Dr. V. Rajeshkumar
Assistant Professor (Sl. G)
Department of Civil Engineering
Associate Head


Ms. D. Sudha
Assistant Professor (Sr. G)
Department of Chemistry

Mr. Sasikumar Pandian
Mr. Sasikumar Pandian

Sasikumar Pandian, the President of Team Sangamam, had a journey that began as a member of the Naanal Eco Club, where he learned team-leading skills. He then transitioned to Sangamam as an event coordinator, acquiring team management skills and coordinating numerous events. In the following year, he was appointed as the Vice President, further honing his ability to work with a team.

Throughout this journey, he experienced days when valuable lessons were learned, shaping him into the leader he is today. As a team, he achieved many milestones, and he looks forward to continuing this journey.

As he embarks on this new chapter, it's essential to recognize the potential within these walls to serve as a melting pot of ideas, a platform for self-discovery, and a sanctuary for those who find solace in the beauty of artistic endeavors. Sasikumar extends heartfelt gratitude to all those who tirelessly worked to bring this vision to life—the architects of his dreams, the artists who will grace these spaces, and the patrons who recognize the value of fostering creativity.

Ms. Livyashree
Ms. Livyashree

Livyashree M outsetted her rec as a customary member of Radio Club and later her journey at Sangamam as a joint treasurer.

She is a team worker and one who stands unique in her own way. As a volunteer and as a coordinator her involvement in Fiestaa 22 showed up her skills in content creation, hosting, organizing events. With the great coordination and capacity to handle different events she has been an energetic student throughout her journey at Sangamam. Some new ideas lead to greater adversity, Livyashree along with the team has done many successful events such as Sangamam23 and Fiestaa 23, which made her as an embarking president for this academic year. Getting up the team ready for the upcoming adventures throughout the year.

Sl. No. Name Design. Dept.
1 Sasikumar P President(B) IV/CS
2 Livyashree M President(G) IV/EC
3 Abhinav M Vice President(B) III/CS
4 Monika V Vice President(G) III/CH
5 Kathiravan T Secretary(B) IV/CE
6 Hemaa M M Secretary(G) IV/AD
7 Ajay T S Joint Secretary(B) III/CH
8 Sharmida Lakshmi S S Joint Secretary(G) III/BM
9 Davis L Treasurer(B) IV/AD
10 Preeti E S Treasurer(G) IV/EC
11 Vignesh R Joint Treasurer(B) III/CH
12 Vinothane K T Joint Treasurer(G) III/CH
Event Coordinator
1 Kamalesh P Event Coordinators IV/EC
2 Pavithra S Event Coordinators IV/BM
3 Thanushkodi Adhithyan P Event Coordinators III/CE
4 Lithyashree V Event Coordinators III/BM
5 Godwin Joe S Event Coordinators III/EC
6 Santhoshi B Event Coordinators III/CE
7 Praneesh Kumar C G Event Coordinators III/EE
8 Akshaya S Event Coordinators III/EC
9 Dakshin K Event Coordinators III/CS
10 Sachin N Event Coordinators III/EC
11 Rakshana R Event Coordinators III/EC
12 Aparna A Event Coordinators III/CE
13 Sharvesh Raaj I Event Coordinators II/IT
14 Devadharani G S Event Coordinators II/CS
15 Tamilvanan M Event Coordinators II/CE
16 Sibishree M Event Coordinators II/CS
17 Manoj S Event Coordinators II/BM
18 Sathurnithy Event Coordinators II/EE
19 Aswath G Event Coordinators II/EC
20 Sushmitha Event Coordinators II/CS
1 Anbu Ram R Executive Member IV/EE
2 Sujadharshini S Executive Member IV/CS
3 Varun Y Executive Member III/CH
4 Nishanthini G Executive Member III/BM
5 Dharun Kumar J K Executive Member III/CS
6 Gaayathri K R Executive Member III/CS
7 Arun Athithyan N Executive Member III/ME
8 Jayarambharathi S Executive Member III/ME
9 Vibesha T V Executive Member III/EC
10 Preethika C Executive Member III/AD
11 Guhan M Executive Member II/CS
12 Keerthana D Executive Member II/EE
13 Sudhan A S Executive Member II/EC
14 Harsha vardhini G Executive Member II/CH
15 Akashaya K Content Writer III/CH
16 Lokeshwar A V Content Writer II/ME
17 Dharun Balaji K Poster Designer I/AM
18 Yaswanth K S Poster Designer III/EC
19 Sukant R Poster Designer II/EC
20 Aakash KJ Video Editor III/CS
21 Karthick S Video Editor II/EC
22 Avinash Kirthick D L Social Media Handler III/CS
23 Varsha S S Social Media Handler II/CH
1 Guru Prasath M PRD Members IV/CS
2 Shruthi U G PRD Members IV/CS
3 Harish R K PRD Members IV/CE
4 Gokul S PRD Members III/ME
5 Shrinithi R PRD Members III/CE
6 Boobendran B PRD Members III/EC
7 Nidhi Kothari D PRD Members III/EE
8 Jayasree A PRD Members II/CE
9 Dineshkanna E PRD Members II/CE
10 Rupavarshini B PRD Members II/AM


Whether you're after adventure and new experiences, making friends and meeting new people, or if you just want to explore something you love, explore your options from among the types of clubs listed below.


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