Business Club


Mr.S.N.Dinesh, Ap/Mech

Mr.P. Boobalakrishnan, Ap/Mech


Mr.D.N. Nagasuriya

Mr.V.M. Pranesh

To make students recognized leaders in developing business talent and ideas that create growth and opportunity in the society.

  • Contribute to the development of perception, thinking and consciousness of our members and thereby their inner freedom, joy and satisfaction.
  • Return to business values such as courage, positive thinking, inspiration, accountability, honor, friendship, responsiveness, incorruptibility and transparency.
  • Educating our club members on issues affecting local business, our economy and employment.
  • Strive to cultivate the environment of society as a whole as well as its sustainable development.
  • Increase student's knowledge of the business, industries and practices.
  • Enrich knowledge of the students in marketing field.
  • Invitation of speakers from the banking and business communities.
  • Develop products for social related issues.
  • Organization of Fundraising Events.
  • Contribution to Relief Programs

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