Electronics Club, KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India


Faculty Coordinators

Mr. S. Satheesh Kumar AP / EC

Student Coordinators

Mr. Vinith kumar (III EC)
Ms. Kiruthiga (III EC)


Aims to cater to the various needs that are primal to be addressed to keep in pace with the ever-evolving field of Electronics


  • To make the students learn and experience electronics, practically
  • To provide a platform for students to shape their innovative ideas
  • To utilize the latest technological advancements in the field of electronics to build project

Short Term Goals

  • To train the students doing their final year projects on their own rather than buying them.
  • To increase the number of students attending the technical paper presentation.

Long Term Goals

  • To Setup a center for excellence in Microelectronics and Telecommunication and encourage the students and staff community to pursue research.
  • To make the students competent for core jobs in the semiconductor and Telecom companies


Electronics club will expose students to new challenges and technologies in the field of electronics and thus to nurture and develop their skills set in this area

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