Film Club


Mr.Vigneshkumar, AP (Sr.G)/Mech

Dr.Shankar, AP (Sr.G)/ Physics


Mr.Amarnath, (2nd ECE)

Mr.HariVenkatesh, (2nd EEE)

The vision of this club is to enlighten the students about the value of cinema as a vibrant art form and encourage the students to pursue it as their passion. The activities carried out by the Film Club will encourage students to develop a different perception towards films and the industry.

The Mission of the club is to conduct film making courses/lectures by prominent personalities of the industry, make films that serve as a branding tool for the college, learn through the process and encourage the students to take films and pursue media as their profession.

  • To stream self made movies of our students.
  • To provide maximum support to the college in terms of video making and editing.

The club will incite creativity, express emotions, convey a message through all its endeavors. The club will definitely entertain all its viewers and maintain a healthy long term bond between the banner of Ignitrron and college.

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