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Webinar on Energy Efficient Lamps

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized a webinar on “Energy Efficient Lamps” on 29/04/2022 for student community. A heart-warming welcome was delivered by Prof.R.Revathi, AP (Sl.G), Dept. of EEE. Dr.Ramji Tiwari, AP/EEE, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore has delivered valuable presentation on lighting systems, importance and recent technologies in renewable resources and energy conservation measures. He had presented the discussions on

                  Need and importance of lighting systems

                  Recent technologies in renewable resources

                  How to do energy conservation

                  Implementation of energy efficient lamps

                  Demonstration projects

The webinar program provided some of the interesting facts on the usage of energy efficient lamps and energy conservation techniques to the student members. The   vote   of   thanks   was   delivered by Dr.P.Pandiyan, AsP/EEE. There were 45 students attended the programme and get benefited. The department of EEE thanks to the management for providing this opportunity to conduct the webinar program successfully.

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