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The Department encompasses of five major disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Physical Education

Department Information

  Name Affiliation
Dr. V. Umadevi Entrepreneur
Dr. V. Saravanan Entrepreneur
  Name Affiliation
Dr. R. Jayaprakasam Coordinator NEET - Blossoms Education
Dr. V. Mahalingam C.E.O, The Royal Author Services, Coimbatore
  Name Affiliation
Ms. D. Jayanthi Freelancer, Coimbatore
Dr K. Ramasamy Freelancer, Coimbatore
  Name Affiliation
Dr. Martin Luthar D Director, Blossoms Education

Communication Skills Lab: A well-furnished lab with 66 computers and a Self-Learning Software to develop language skills. It also aims to enhance the personality of the students through Personality Development Modules.

Physics Lab: The State-of-the-art laboratory with latest equipment provides a conducive environment for learning, beyond the scope of syllabus. It aims to produce holistic, value based engineers by exploring through effective interactions to discover and to transfer the knowledge to student community.

Advanced Material Science Laboratory

S No Description Of Goods
1 Spin Coater Model:-Delta Spin
Voltage:-230 V Ac,50Hz Single Phase RPM:-500 – 8000 Time:-1 -999 Sec Acceleration Range:- 300 – 2000 Rpm/Sec
With Suitable Oil Free Vacuum Pump
With Suitable Vacuum Check for Subsrate Diameter Up to 4″
N2 Gas Purging Facility Teflon Coated Stainless Steel Bowel Diameter 8″ Height 2.5″
2 Ultrasonic Bath With Heater and Timer
Make:-PCI/SASTECH Capacity:- 5 Ltr
3 Microwave Oven Capacity:- 23 Ltr
4 Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate With RPM Indicator
Make:- Remi, Capacity:-2000 Ml
5 Digital PH Meter With Manul Temp
Compensation 3.5 Digital LED Display Combined
Electrode and Accessories Make:-Systronics
6 Weighing Balance Make:-Wensar Capacity:- 100 Grm Accuracy :0.001
7 Muffle Furnace Make:-Technico,
Capacity:1200 C
8 Centrifug Make:-Remi Model:-R8C Accessories: 8 x15 ml angle Head with polypropylene
9 Mortar and Pestle
10 Desiccator

Chemistry Lab : Chemistry laboratory is constructed in a spacious environment which is well equipped with sophisticated equipment and instruments .Our laboratory has a unique advantage in its ability to maintain research programs in a wide variety of chemical disciplines. Students can work on many projects that cross the traditional lines of chemistry, ranging from Nano chemistry and surface science in connection with environment.

List of Major Equipment in Chemistry Lab:

  • Spectrophotometer
  • Flame Photometer
  • Muffled furnace
  • Orbital Shaker
  • BOD & COD analyzer

Material Chemistry Research Laboratory

Material Chemistry Research Laboratory (MCRL) is established in the year of 2018 to execute the project work on “Synthesis Structure and Thermal Expansion Studies of Novel Langbeinites for High Temperature Applications” sponsored by the Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology (SERB-DST). The group members are Dr. S. Pratheep Kumar, Principal Investigator, Dr. Triveni Rajashekhar Mandlimath, Assistant Professor and Mr. B. Daneshwaran, Junior Research Fellow. The research areas focused in the lab are fabrication of novel inorganic phosphates, silicates, molybdates, nano metal oxides to study their thermal expansion, chemical durability and photocatalytic activity for various applications. Ph. D scholar and the project students are utilizing the lab facilities.

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