Science Club


Dr. Triveni R. Mandlimath, AP(Sr. G) / Chemistry

Ms. V. Gayathri, AP / Physics


Ms. Abhinandhana R - 4th year

Mr. Sattish R - 3rd year

The vision of our science club is to encourage the students to participate in regional, national and international level science exhibitions, so as to expose them to various ideas and technologies in scientific area.

The mission of the science club is to make students to develop in the field of science and to provide platform to showcase their talents as budding scientists and researchers in future

  • To provide proper incentive and inspiration in pursuit of scientific knowledge by broadening their scientific outlook.
  • To encourage students to participate actively in the activities organized by the science club.
  • To develop the creativity and encourage the habit of exploration.
  • To widen the outlook of students, apply the knowledge in life situations.
  • To provide opportunity for the development of the constructive, explorative and inventive faculties of the students.
  • To provide opportunity for the development of the constructive, explorative & inventive faculties of the students.

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