The Software Development Cell (SDC) looks at development of new projects which provide an opportunity to students to work in a structured team and timelines. Within their project teams students have the advantage of working as a software engineer in different verticals and can have an acquaintance to the complete life cycle of software development.

“Everyone should acquire how to code. It imparts how to deliberate”

To identify and develop skillful engineers to meet industry standards

  • To organize workshops, seminars, and guest lectures to enrich the knowledge of students
  • To motivate the students to present papers to increase their presentation skills.
  • To exhibit their talents by implementing the innovative ideas as a project and product.
  • To increase the leadership and communicative skills in students.

To enrich the technical knowledge and interpersonal skill set of students in participating various events.

To enlighten the skill of students to meet the demand of IT revolution

  • To provide solutions and services that satisfy emerging needs of customer.
  • To provide effective education and training to students.
  • To satisfy the current software automation needs of the institution.
  • To provide an opportunity to grow, to use their technical expertise and ability to develop and produce innovative products,
  • To identify technical experts from industry especially alumni to include them as a part of the SDC.

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