Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell was established with the goal for fostering and cultivating the spirit of specialized knowledge in the field of Entrepreneurship among the students by providing a platform for the challenging minds to think differently. In view of the global employment problems and underutilization of human resources, the EDC strives to identify talented youth and motivate them to entrepreneurial and innovative endeavors

The EDC conducts various programmes such as Awareness Camps, Seminars, Business Plan Contests and E Talks that serve as entrepreneurial interventions. The EDC provides guidance and mentoring support to students planning to pursue the path of entrepreneurship and coordinate with various nodal and support agencies


Entrepreneurship Development Cell is committed to support, develop and create successful entrepreneurs imbibed with leadership qualities using innovative and ethical business practices to make global impact


Instill the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship

To spread entrepreneurship, through education, research and training, thus accelerating economic growth, by increasing the supply of new entrepreneurs and strengthen performance of the existing ones

To catalyse and promote Science and Technical knowledge-based enterprises and generate employment opportunities in innovative areas


Entrepreneur centric system

Spirit of innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship

Stimulate culture of innovation, creativity, business process and product design knowledge

Support and accelerate the development of innovations into prototype products with emphasis on societal impact and market demand


Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Business plan Workshop

Experts Talk

Motivational Talks

Idea Generation Workshop

Budding Entrepreneurs Workshop

Workshop on Digital Marketing

Business plan contests

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