KPR Civil Academy

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KPR Civil Academy

KPR Civil Academy, started by the Department of Civil Engineering, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous) Coimbatore in 2020 is to bridge the gap between young Civil Engineers and their career by providing opportunities to crack the competitive examinations and to go for Higher Studies


To prepare the aspiring students into practising Engineers of future India by providing sound academic knowledge with quality teaching, individual attention and inculcate competitive attitude among them

Role of KPR Civil Academy

We train our Civil Engineering graduates from the first year onwards to achieve their dream career. The abilities and commitment of our faculty members constitute the most important asset to this academy. It provides a student centered guidance and best teaching practices as a pathway for aspirants to get involved in study and practice sessions by deep learning rather than just following the curriculum

Key Features

  • To provide comprehensive and rigorous coaching to aspiring students
  • To focus on the strength and weakness of each student
  • To act as a gateway to achieve their career plan
  • To transform our engineering graduates into professionals

Coaching Offered


S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. G. Anusha Head
2 Mr. S. Elavarasan Coordinator
3 Mr. A. Vasudev Trainer

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