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Foreign Language Training

KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology aims at catering the industrial needs and offers multi-disciplinary education to create employable graduates. In relation to this objective, the institution proffers foreign language courses namely German, Hindi, Japanese and French. The language courses procure a hands-on -training to the candidates on the four language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. On completion of the courses, the candidates could acquire a certification from reputed language forums that facilitates higher education in foreign countries. After having cleared the primary level, the institution paves way for the next level of the language course so as to enable them to master the language. Needless to say, the institution imparts skills for professional and personal growth as well. A total of 200 students have been benefitted over the past 3 years and the institution is at its best in serving more number of students.

German Language Training

UNIT-1 Introduction to German Alphabets, Numbers, Personal pronouns and basic verbs. Greetings, Self Introduction.
UNIT-2 Friends, Family and Profession. Wh-Questions, Definite Article,Irregular Verbs and Personal Pronouns. Hobbies, arranging an official appointment and Profession.
UNIT-3 Places in a City. Yes/No questions, Indefinite Article and Negation Article. Questions and Answers regarding places and finding way to places.
UNIT-4 Food. Irregular verbs, modal verbs and Sentence formation. Food, Shopping and preferences in food.
UNIT-5 Time. Accusative case, verbs with accusative, time information. Questions and answers with time, Arranging an official appointment and excuse for a delay.

Hindi Language Training

Hindi syllabus
UNIT – 1 (Writing) स्वर Vowels
UNIT – 1 (Writing) व्यंजन Consonants
UNIT – 1 (Writing) मात्राँए Mathras
UNIT – 1 (Writing) संयुक्ताक्षर Compound letters
UNIT – 1 (Writing) बारहखड़ी Bharakhadi
UNIT – 2 ( Reading) शब्दपढ़नेकेलिएनियम Letters reading rules 2,3,4,5,6,7(words)
UNIT – 3 (Speaking & Listening) शब्दावली
*जानवर *पक्षी *रंग
*रिश्ता * शरीरकेअंग * फ़ूल *
सब्जियाँ * फ़ल * वस्तएवंपरिधान *
मनकीदशाँए * ऋतुएँ
* दिशाएँ *आभूषण* स्वाद *दिन
* काहनियाँ
*Animals * Birds * colours
* Relationship * Parts of the body *
* Flowers * Vegetables *Fruits
*clothes & weaving * status of
Mind * Seasons * Direction *
jewels * Tastes *Days *stories
UNIT – 4 (Writing) क्रियाँए Root verbs
UNIT – 4 (Writing) वचन Singular & plural
UNIT – 4 (Writing) गिनती Numbers 1- 100
UNIT – 4 (Writing) अंश Fraction numbers (Time)
UNIT – 4 (Writing) बातचीत Conversation (10)
UNIT – 5 (Writing) काल Tenses
UNIT – 5 (Writing) अनुवाद Translation

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