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Ask a Electronics and Communications Engineer is a public outreach activity by Department of Electronics and Communications Engineer at KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology run by the department volunteers


Electronics is the profession of applying scientific principles to the design and development, fabrication, repair & maintenance of Electrical/Electronic Machines, Instruments and Communication systems. Prior knowledge of Electronics is required in all domains of engineering like Chemical, Aeronautical, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Civil, Automobile sectors etc.

In present era the field of Electronics & Communication plays an important role in almost every sphere of our life. Some of the Present and Emerging Technologies are: Wireless Communication, Remote Sensing, Earthquake Monitoring, Microwave Communication, Radar, Robotics, Fibre Optics, Thin Film Technology, Brain Computer Interfaces, Advanced Optical Networks, Display Technology, Optical Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded System, Teleconferencing, Satellite Communication etc.,

An Electronics engineer can work at the frontier of high technology and is involved in research, creation of new ideas, design and development of new products and technologies, manufacturing and marketing activities. Electronics & Communication Engineering offers career scope in DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization); ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization); Public and Private Sectors; Defence Services and Engineering services. Electronics and Communication Engineers get equal opportunity to explore and build a career in IT sectors.

Research is the main focus in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology in general. Latest equipment and software are available in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and moreover the students can access e-Journals to explore latest developments.

Over the last few years, the department has seen excellent placements, with over 90% of its students placed in public and private sectors. This includes students who opt for higher studies. The students have been placed as Design Engineer; Marketing Professionals; Sales Engineering; System level Engineer in various organizations

We organize regular workshops and conduct seminars on the latest topics like in the area of Embedded Systems, Wireless Communication Systems and Robotics etc. for value addition of the students. Regular programme for overall personality & career skill development are organized with the help of expert trainers. Internships and Regular Industrial visits are also organized to give the students about the feel of work culture in the industry

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