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Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, analysis, manufacturing, maintenance, and use of mechanical systems

Mechanical engineering requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, material science, and structural analysis

Mechanical engineers deal with the design of a component, a machine, a system, a process - anything that needs to be manufactured. The expertise of a mechanical engineer is needed in the tiniest micro-particle like sensors and switches to the largest systems like cars, spacecraft, and satellites

The different types of software used by mechanical engineers to design and check the performance of the equipment are

  • Solid Modelling Software: UG NXCAD, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA, ProE/ Creo, etc.
  • Simulation and Analysis: ANSYS, COMSOL, HyperMesh, etc.
  • Programming Language: C++, JAVA, PYTHON, etc.

The key skills required for being a mechanical engineer are effective technical Skills, ability to work under pressure, problem-solving skills and teamwork

With the world being on a forefront of Revolution 4.0 and IoT enabled technologies, a specialisation in mechanical engineering is a boon. The engineers are going to have full visibility of operations which will allow them to be responsive towards minute details related to manufacturing processes. The industry is going to require skilled employees leading to an increased number of jobs for mechanical engineers.

Breakthroughs in materials and analytical tools have opened new frontiers for mechanical engineers. Nanotechnology, biotechnology, composites, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and acoustical engineering have all expanded the mechanical engineering toolbox. With new technologies, the industry is heading towards massive job opportunities for mechanical engineers.

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