Hostel, KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India


Hostel life is a great event to learn about the hardships of life

The Hostels in KPRIET play a very significant role in pursuing academic, cultural and recreational activities. While developing Hostel facilities without having any mind set, it will be our endeavor to follow the well-established ethos and a healthy community atmosphere in the Hostel.

Boys Hostel

It is affordable, homely and safe accommodation for about 600 boys students. It has spacious and airy building with well-furnished rooms and well organized dining hall

Girls Hostel

KPRIET Girls' Hostel aims to provide convenient and comfortable stay for the outstation girls students. The Girls' hostel also fulfills the vital objective of ensuring safety of its female residents

Boys' Hostel

The Boys' Hostel of KPRIET has a rich legacy of academic excellence and responsible community life.

Located between sports complex and academic blocks, it is an affordable, homely and safe accommodation for about 750 students. The hostel has spacious and airy building with well-furnished rooms and well organized dining hall, common room and wi-fi facility. All hostels are provided with daily newspapers and magazines. Running hot and cold water is available round the clock in the hostel.

The residents of KPRIET Boys' hostel have always demonstrated the ethos of dedication, sincerity and care for other. The hostel inculcates a spirit of co-operation and respect for different cultures in the residents as they come from diverse cultures. As a part of extended family of the college fraternity, KPRIET Boys' hostel adds a dimension of vigour and commitment to the academic and extracurricular ambience of the institution. While providing an opportunity of campus living, KPRIET Boys' hostel looks forward to residents to shoulder and maintain the best traditions of the college as a whole



Mr. V. Lokesh - JA, ME
+91 96298 62014



Mr. E. Saravanan - JA, OPM
+91 99445 82749



Mr. R. Anandakumar - LA, Phy
+91 87789 77219

Asst. Warden

Mr. G. Suryaprakash - JA. COE
+91 90437 88041



Mr. R. Vinoth Kumar - Library
+91 63852 56373

Asst. Warden

Mr. K. Anandhakumar - In-charge, Fitness Studio
+91 98425 38008



Mr. D. Sujandas - CFAC
+91 77365 91184

Asst. Warden

Mr. G. Murali Manoj - Phy
+91 96030 5776

Hostel Managers

Mr. D. Premkumar
+91 89733 44288
+91 98944 76459

Mr. K. Arikesavan
+91 98941 21772

Mess Manager

Mr. S. Senthil Kumar
+91 97888 52200
+91 96883 29402

Over all coordinator

Mr. S. Vasanthaseelan
+91 74189 33676

Girls' Hostel

KPRIET Girls' Hostel aims to provide convenient and comfortable stay for the outstation female students. The Girls’ hostel also fulfills the vital objective of ensuring safety of its female residents.

The hostel affairs are co-ordinated under the guidance and supervision of the resident Warden. The hostel committee under the chairmanship of the Principal, KPRIET frames the rules and regulations of the hostel and is the final authority in matters concerning the hostel.



Ms. G. Jenifa - AP, AD
+91 94883 68212



Ms. D. Indra - NDC
+91 87603 80192



Ms. S. Shanthi
+91 89733 70666

Hostel Manager

Ms. S. Shanthi
+91 89733 70666

Mess Manager

Mr. S. Senthil Kumar

Over all coordinator

Ms. G. Jenifa
+91 94883 68212


In-room Amenities

One Bed per Student shall be offered

Semi furnished rooms

Individual lockable almirahs for storage

24/7 Hot water in washrooms

Study tables and lights

Dressing Mirror

Common washrooms with Sanitary fittings

Self Help Amenities

Laundry: Fully automatic washing machines

Ironing: Laundrette service at available charges

Water: RO facility is available at every hostel block

Coffee / Tea / milk and snacks will be provided as per schedule

Medical facility available with first aid and provided to sick residents

Doctor on call number(s) will shared with the students

Butterfly stores (stationary stores) available in both boys and girls hostels

Glam room (salon for girls and boys) available at both boys and girls hostels


Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner to be served daily

Modern dining hall serving nutritions and hygienic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

Separate dining hall for both boys and girls

Kitchen equipped with cold storage and industrial grade cookware

Sweets and Juice center available for students after college hours


24/7 surveillance camera facility available

Security guards are available at college premises at all time


24 / 7 power back-up through central power distribution system (automatic)

15 kW eco friendly solar power supply also available


All academic blocks are equipped with high speed WiFi facility. Students are permitted to access the academic block with due permission. However, WiFi facility at hostel is provided based on the availability.

House keeping



Common areas would be cleaned on a daily basis

Regular PEST controlled services


A separate movie area is provided with projector and home theater

Indoor games like carom board, chess, etc.


Reading Room

Well equipped fitness center

Note: The Hostel students will be provided with cot, wall closet, table and chair. However, they have to bring their own pillow, pillow cover, Bed spread, bedsheets, bucket , mug and cup- board lock

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  • Visitors are allowed into the visitor’s room area during the following visiting hours :-
    • Monday to Saturday – 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM
    • Sunday – 08.00 AM to 8.00 PM
  • All visitors must register at the Security Counter and provide all detail and documents for verification as requested.
  • No visitor shall be allowed to loiter around the Hostel vicinity except the visiting room.
  • Visitors are NOT allowed to use the hostel facilities.
  • Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight in the Hostel without the prior consent from the Hostel Management.
  • Engineers / mechanics / masons / labors etc. other than authorized by college authorities shall not allowed to enter the rooms in any case. Persons attending personal complaints of the residents, like repairs of computer, laptop or any other equipment are not allowed to enter into the rooms. All such type of complaints is to be attended in Visitors area only.

Provision for Leave

  • Residents may avail of the following types of leave:-
  • Weekend Leave / Home leave – Vacation / Breaks / illness / unexpected reasons / Gazetted Holidays.
  • All types of leave have to be applied through online for at least 48 hours (except emergency) in advanced. Residents can proceed on leave only after ensuring that leave is duly sanctioned by the Mentor/Chief Mentor and Warden.
  • Apply Gatepass

Highlights of Gate Timing

Boys Hostel
Day In-Time Outing
Main Gate Hostel Gate Duration No. of times
Instructional Day 08.00 pm 08.30 pm 2 Hours During non-class hours (Only once in a day)
Weekends & Institutional Holidays 08.00 pm 08.30 pm 8 Hours Only once in a day
Girls Hostel
Day In-Time Outing
Main Gate Hostel Gate Duration No. of times
Instructional Day 06.00 pm 08.30 pm 2 Hours During non-class hours (Only once in a day)
Weekends & Institutional Holidays 06.00 pm 08.30 pm 8 Hours Only once in a day

Code of Conduct

(Common for Boys and Girls Hostel)
  1. It is prime duty of the student to perform well in the academics, If hostel student has poor academic in the internal assessment and end semester examination his/ her hostel application shall be processed on the sole discretion of hostel committee.
  2. Students should be available in their respective rooms as attendance will be taken in your respective blocks/ rooms everyday between 9:00pm - 10:15pm in the biometric machines / physical verification without fail.
  3. Students should stay only in the room allotted to them. Staying in another student’s room is not permissible.
  4. Hostel is meant for facilitating studies. Hostel is a co-living space silence/ study hour should be maintained between 9.00 pm and 6.00 am. Students should not disturb other students by conducting parties, playing music, talking loudly over mobile phones, etc.,
  5. If narcotics or related substances are found in any room, all the students staying in the room will be expelled from the institution. Students who consume/trade/possess narcotics inside/outside the hostel will be expelled from KPRIET. Abuse of any chemicals is prohibited.
  6. Anyone causing damage to the hostel property will be penalized suitably.
  7. Hostel students should not bring any day-scholar or ex-KPRIET’ian or non-KPRIET’ian inside the hostel premises.
  8. If a student is going out for an overnight stay, he should obtain prior permission before leaving the hostel as per procedure.
  9. Hostellers are not allowed to keep any kind of motor vehicles. However, bicycle can be used.
  10. Students in the hostel are not allowed to keep air coolers, musical instruments, speakers, kettle, induction stove, electric iron box or any other electrical equipment/gadgets. Unauthorized possession will lead to confiscation of the goods. Cooking in the rooms is strictly not permitted because of fire safety reasons.
  11. Students are personally responsible to safeguard their belongings. Students are advised not to keep large amounts of cash or valuables like gold, costly wrist watch/laptops/cell phone, expensive jewelry etc., in their rooms.
  12. First year students will be permitted for shopping and outing only after 3 months of joining.
  13. Students will be permitted to go on leave to home town/Local guardian’s place only once in a month after parents’ approval.
  14. Students will not be permitted to stay in the hostel during vacation, unless they have academic assignments.
  15. Note: However, actions mentioned here are indicative only. Final decision always lies with the hostel committee

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