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Offline (Outside the campus)
One Credit Course (OCC) Dept. Level
Apr 13, 2024
09:30 AM to 03:30 PM
III CSE A Class Rooom
Computer Science and Engineering

This OCC provides students with a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, critical thinking abilities and awareness of ethical considerations, all of which can be valuable for their academic and professional development. Students gain a solid understanding of various generative models. They learn about the principles behind these models, their architectures, training procedures, and applications.


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering planned to conduct a One-Credit Course, 'Generative AI,' scheduled on 13.04.2024 ( Online Event ) for the students of third year Computer Science and Engineering.( Total : 60 ) We are fortunate to have Mr. Abhinand Balachandran, Senior AI Engineer of EXL Service, Chennai, who conducted the session to bring in the advancements in AI and its real-time insights. The course aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of generative models and their applications across various domains. The course covered theoretical concepts, practical implementations and ethical considerations related to Generative AI. The students explored the diverse applications of Generative AI in fields such as art, music, natural language processing and computer vision. Online Lecture sessions were conducted in III CSE A - Classroom through Google Meet supplemented with multimedia presentation. The course received positive feedback from students, who appreciated the comprehensive coverage of topics, the clarity of explanations and the relevance of practical exercises. By the end of the course, students demonstrated proficiency in designing, implementing and evaluating generative models for various applications.


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