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KIC has a facility (under 10,000 square feet) it is situated in KPRIET campus. During its brief history, it has focused exclusively on ICT and Manufacturing companies. This has led to the set up of 5 start-ups and growing, employing over 32 people. It focuses on small businesses (existing and start-up) that have innovative technologies of potential importance to the industry and society. KIC also channelize the KPRIET student’s creative and innovative ideas into business propositions and enabling them to monetize the same. KIC leverage the strengths of KPRIET including State of the art laboratories, experimental spaces, IPR services and faculty mentors

Recent Incubatees

Mycoblooms Mushroomery

Mycoblooms Mushroomery is a Private Limited Company of a growing bio entrepreneur, located at Arasur, Coimbatore. Our lab produces a mass of spawn cultures required for producing different kinds of mushrooms at a nominal price. We are focused on Medicinal mushroom “Cordyceps sinensis” production. We have also developed a R&D department with respect to Cordyceps growing technology, through which we have come up with a smart technology to bloom this mushroom named “Cordybloomer”. Therefore our Primary product is Cordybloomer, through which we produce Cordyceps mushroom and commercialize. Our team is well trained in Mushroom Production Technology and handling with good scientific knowledge. The main intention of our lab is to connect the bridge between “the need and to obtain”. Mushrooms are scientifically proved to have rich protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre sources.

They are certified to boost immune system, fight cancer, lower diabetics, reduce blood pressure and manage weight. Since the Medicinal mushroom production technology is more scientifical it is very difficult for the mushroom farmers to produce it. We feel extremely privileged to introduce them our Cordybloomer in which they can cultivate Cordyceps easily. The method of cultivation is most cared to fit the human consumption and improve human health. We are more cautious about the prevention of rodents, pests and infections of Mushroom Culture bottles. Maintenance of the mushroom is highly supervised with hygienic practices.


Lt. Dr. A. K. Priya
+91 - 88708 02844

4K Technologies

4K Technologies manufacturing and selling of FAHRENTIZER - a product that measures the temperature of a person, entry time, exit time as the personnel enters/exits the plant/premises. The device also dispenses a measured dose of alcohol based hand sanitizer

Dr. K. P. Ramasamy, Chairman, KPRIET motivated the startup by providing seed funding of 1.5 lakhs to meet the operational requirements and further developments


EQUBZ Founded by Sasidharan S, EEE student of 2017-2021 batch, develops new innovative batteries that can play a major role in future automotive Industry.

Dr. K. P. Ramasamy, Chairman, KPRIET motivated the startup by providing seed funding of 3 lakhs to meet the operational requirements and further developments

Startups Process

kic policy

1. Admission Process

KIC is open to anyone who wants to make a difference

  • Submission of detailed business Plan
  • IP declaration worksheet, along with a copy of letter of approval from IPR Cell, KIC for transfer of licensing of/ permission to use IP in favor of prospective incubate companies
  • Statement of infrastructure requirements
  • Statement of purpose or reason for incubation in KIC
  • Time frame – anticipated duration of stay within KIC from the date of admission

2. Annual Registration Fee

The incubate company will turn out to be a legal member of KIC after enlistment and will be qualified to various benefits and facilities offered by KIC. The incubatee should pay a sum of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees Thousand only) to KIC towards the annual registration fee to be paid at the time of execution of this agreement and consequently within fifteen days of the beginning of each year counted from the date of this agreement and might keep on maintaining their enrolment as long as they are allowed by the Governing Body of KIC to have relationship with KIC as incubatee

3. Seed Loan

KIC may provide seed loan subject to the availability of funds/ grants/ schemes meant for this purpose. Seed loan for working capital needs will be sanctioned only to the registered companies or firms and shall be based on merits of each company

  • A total loan to be sanctioned to a single company will not exceed Rs 10 lakhs, this cannot be more than 50% of the total project cost
  • The loan will carry an interest rate of 4% (four percent) /a
  • The repayment schedule will be worked out at the time of sanction of loan application and shall be part of the 1oan Agreement

4. Virtual Incubation

The virtual Incubation concept is also to be practiced by AIC-KPIET to promote Entrepreneurship. We have a well established entrepreneurship cell conducting sponsored entrepreneurship camps every year.In this regard, KIC welcomes KPRIET alumni and techno-preneurs to open their startups for virtual incubation at KIC. It is an opportunity for them to use KIC as a platform for developing ground-breaking business products without being present at KIC. The product development activities will be coordinated and managed by faculty mentor/s. The annual registration fee for virtual incubates is same as discussed above

5. Tenure in KIC

  • Companies will be permitted to stay in KIC, to begin with, for a period of 18 months
  • A nominal monthly service charge will be levied to a company for the period of first 18 months
  • KIC may, at its own discretion, permit companies to extend their stay for a maximum period of another 18 months

6. Exit (Graduation)

Incubate companies will leave the incubator under two distinct categories, namely normal and abnormal exit

6.1 Normal Exit

  • The determined time of incubation ends. According to this criterion, a normal exit can occur at the end of eighteen months from the date of commencing of the incubation period
  • Either the incubatee or KIC comes to a decision to end the period of incubation. For both of the situations, the party initiating the termination would provide the other with a month’s advance notice

6.2 Abnormal Exit

  • When there is disappointment on part of the incubatee to act in accordance with any clause laid down in this document
  • Under performance or UN-viability of the business proposition: criteria for the same will be decided and applied by KIC on the case to case basis
  • Depending upon the performance appraisal of the incubatee or his/her periodic report
Government Schemes Stages of Operations Startup Proposal Format
  • Facilitation for creating competitive technology businesses through technology development and commercialization
  • Handholding services starting from business conceptualization to implementation and scaling up
  • Support for realising business concepts from KPRIET faculty, students and KPR Group of Companies
  • Consultancy services
  • Help in accessing financing for SMEs and start-ups approaching impact investors and social capitalists


Provide a physical location in which a new business can access facilities, support services and business advice

Mentoring activities

Peer-to-peer networking

Assistance in formulating a feasible business plan

Technology exhibition, hackathaon, awareness camp and entrepreneurial development plan

Investors/Industry consultation programme

Venture financing programme

Offer scope for collaboration in training, equipping and usage

Providing specialized services to existing entrepreneurial ventures of the region

Facilitating technology commercialization

Facilitation by incubator staff

Support in documentation and patenting

Registration Form

Any Student / Faculty member / Research scholar of KPRIET and public who has a business idea, passionate to become an entrepreneur and planning to incubate at KIC are eligible to apply


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